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Treasurer - Carolina G. Tijerina

AKA: Turtle Heart Woman

Carolina G. Tijerina is a native from Fort Stockton that now makes her home in Odessa, Texas although she works in Midland, Texas twenty miles away in a job that many of her colleagues describe as a grueling task - she is a Registered Hospice Nurse.  She has been working this tough job for over fourteen years and sees her life come to enjoy many of life's blessings through it.  Her life's calling, as she calls it, takes her deep into the lives of many terminally ill patients where she utilizes her skills as a registered nurse and as an American Indian Sundance mother to administer to those dying patients many of whom have never had much of a spiritual life.

In this regard she assists them to see that there is something else to go to when the time comes to pass over or as she says "Take their Star Journey."  Many times she comforts them not only physically in their ailments but emotionally and psychologically and gives them insight as to what is coming to pass when their time on this Earth is finished.  Some over the years have come to a higher awareness of themselves and have been fortunate enough to go into remission and have been given another chance to get it right simply because Carolina took the time to bring them to that higher awareness.  Her intuition and farsightedness have allowed her to help these patients grasp what their lives should have been about long before reaching the terminally ill stages they are in.  She has established herself as a strong Life Guide for others to seek council with.

Carolina is married to Luis Tijerina and has two children, Deriek and Megan McDowell, and has four grandchildren, Jaxon, Harper, and Briar McDowell and Austin Corrales.