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Secretary - Megan McDowell

​AKA: Two Turtles Woman

As a young girl Megan grew up in Indiana with her father and as she grew older she longed to be with and closer to her family.  Almost a decade ago Megan decided to do just that and moved to Odessa to be closer to her mother, brother and other close relatives like her Grandfather and Grandmother.

As Megan says of herself thinking about the importance of things in ones life, “……. and spending time with my family and friends.”  Megan has a really big heart for shelter and rescue dogs and has one she rescued, a poodle named Paisley.

When asked to describe herself Megan says, “I am a very determined and highly motivated person.  I do take my job seriously and I am able to see things in their proper perspective and believe I am quite easy going and fun to work with.  I am an optimist rather than a pessimist – but I am also a realist coping well when the going gets tough; I am very good at finding solutions to problems.

Above all, I would say that I am a positive, outgoing, happy, fun-loving and spiritual girl."