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Liza Mares - Marketing Specialist

WWolf Enterprises, Inc. and the Louie Tijerina Foundation Board of Directors would like to Welcome Liza Mares as the Marketing Specialist as of August 31, 2019 and now is the Treasurer of the Board since December 2021.  Liza comes to the organization with years of experience in Social Media marketing and has thousands of followers on her Twitter Blog.

Liza Mares is a forty-four-year-old woman born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  Liza is a single mother and parent to two grown children, Diana and Julio, that still reside in California.  Liza found that being a single parent presented many challenges but somehow found a way of Love and Peace in those two children.  Once her children had grown up and gone into the world on their own Liza found herself being pulled towards Odessa, Texas where she found her husband Paul.  She made the move in February of 2017 and has made a new home here with him.​​​

​Liza enjoys reading and writing poetry in her spare time and when she isn’t enjoying this genre of art she is busy with other art mediums creating artistic art pieces on canvas with acrylic paints and finishing plaster figurines with her favorite medium, of all things, nail polish.  Liza is somewhat of a nature buff and enjoys nature walks in the South Side of Odessa area known as the Comanche Trail Park where she feels that she not only is communing with nature but she is communing with God and her ancestors.