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Health Services

​​Massage Therapy

Sometimes in our busy lives the burdens and stress become too much for us to bear.  Massage Therapy may be the answer to your tired and wore out feelings.  WWolf Enterprises, Inc. has on-staff personnel to help you rid yourself of those aches and pains that keep you grounded and away from those activities that you really should be and want to do. 

Physical Therapy

As we get older our bodies don’t have as much give as we’d like and the result on occasion is a broken bone, hip or other main bone in our body that requires us to have physical therapy to get back to 100%.  WWolf Enterprises, Inc. (WEI) has on staff Physical Therapist to assist you or a loved one back into the swing of things.  Funding for services may be obtained for qualifying clients through affiliate business partners.

Home Hospice

In our final days as we get to the end of our time here in this world we often get to a place in life that requires Professional Health care.  WEI can provide that Professional Health care for you or your loved ones when in need.  Allow our Professionally trained personnel to come into your home or your loved one’s home and provide the loving Health care they deserve.  Payment arrangement can be made for services and specific service grants may be obtained by qualified clients through affiliate service providers.

Home Health

Along with the Home Hospice services the WEI provides Home Health can be obtained through the same venue.  Of course the services are geared differently but the gentle kind care provided is the same for you or your loved one in the comforts of your own home.  Again, these professionally trained personnel are here to assist you in your most time of need.  They are ready to nurse you back to being healthy and whole.  As with all services obtainable through WEI affiliates are ready and standing by to provide funding to qualified individuals.

Dietary Education

As with any health program diet is essential in maintaining a sufficient supply of life giving nutrients to these fragile bodies.  WEI has at its disposal Dietary Nutritionists to assist you in gaining the correct amount nutrients to get yourself back in shape and healthy.  Call WEI to setup a consultation with one of the Nutritionists for your speedy recovery or change of life dietary needs.

Diabetes Education

One of WEI’s board members, Janie, is a Certified Diabetes Educator which means she can take you to a new level of confidence when it comes to eating the correct amount of food to keep your diabetes in check.  Contact her directly via her listed e-mail or contact the general mail box and WEI will forward the information to her.  As with all services the consultation fee can be negotiated with an affiliate and an equal amount of sweat equity.