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Financial Aid Services


Many times in this day and age we find ourselves short of income in a double income household.  Money just doesn’t seem to go as far as we would like for it to go.  WWolf Enterprises, Inc. is in a position to give a hand in that department.  Although, the hand up is not without its own trappings we ask that you come asking in a way that is more like the way of the Native peoples of this great nation.  The Native American always gives back to whatever he is taking from.  We here at WWolf Enterprises, Inc. learned early in life that if you continually take without giving back soon the “Cookie you seek in the cookie jar will not be there. You must replenish the source.”

The funding provided for a multitude of needs will be given and you will be asked to repay it in sweat equity.  Depending on the amount you are requesting will determine the amount of sweat equity you will have to provide in return for the hand up.  More details can be discussed as we begin our friendship journey together and as our motto states, “A friend in need is a friend in deed!”


WWolf Enterprises, Inc. is in the business to make money not just for ourselves but to assist you in getting your business up and running.  Startup funding is available for those that qualify.  Call us for specifics on these services available to aspiring entrepreneurs.  Again, sweat equity will play a big part of the deal when obtaining funds.

 Student Loans/Repayment

In light of the struggles of college students to start out a life ahead of the game WWolf Enterprises, Inc. has taken upon itself to help alleviate some of the pressure put on students to achieve their goals having to pay for their education or having to begin life after college with an enormous burden of debt known as student loans.  Again, this is not a handout it is a hand up and sweat equity will allow you to get out from under the tremendous burden of debt and appreciate your knew knowledge in your course of study.