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Executive Director/President - Luis Tijerina

AKA: Chief Watching Wolf

Luis Tijerina is a fifty eight (58) year old Odessa, Texas native that has been involved in the community for many years.  Besides being Chief of the Trans Pecos region since 2005, he has been an Executive Director and/or President in other community minded organizations, such as the Trans-Pecos Renewal Center, a local 501 (C) 3​ non-profit, the Trans-Pecos American Indian Association and the Hispanic Heritage of Odessa.

It is his vision that any and all applicants wishing to receive services from WWolf Enterprises, Inc., would qualify to receive them and that they may be able to work together to bring about Healing and Wholeness to each individual and their families.

Luis has been in business for himself and run a very successful computer repair business and has been in the corporate world as an IT/Communications Manager and currently works with an International Oil Company as Operations Support II.  Over the last ten years Luis has gained much knowledge about the ins and outs of business.  He has written three books, the fourth, fifth and so on, are on the way.  These books tell a lot about his walk for the last twenty seven years of his life.

He began reading and learning about Jungian psychology when his life was Topsy-turvy and has grown in his spiritual strength and wishes to share his new found methods of health and wholeness with anyone and everyone that wishes to live in harmony and balance with all things and all relations.

Luis has worked with many individuals and their illnesses over the last twenty seven (27) years of his life using Metaphysical healing techniques and homeopathic remedies with great success.  Luis is considered by many to be a Medicine Man, Holy Man, Healer and Life Guide.  When asked about this and what he calls himself he humbly states, "I am only a man that has walked the Red Road further than some and less than others and have learned to work within the confines of natural law."