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Organ Donation Alliance

Prior to Donation Counseling/Support

This subject may seem morbid to some but to others it sounds like a miracle waiting to happen.  In the case of a loved one’s departure from this world many have thought that it is finality to the life of their loved one.  In reality that couldn’t be furthest from the truth.  In becoming a donor the memory of a loved one can live on for many years after their physical departure or as Native people say, “Taking their Star Journey.”  Becoming a donor and allowing another person a second chance at life is a totally new concept for many but something that really should be considered by all.

WWolf Enterprises, Inc. (WEI) founder, Luis Tijerina, has long been an advocate for organ donation and can empathize with those having to make such a difficult choice.  The rewards are limitless once the decision has been made to donate as a new world of giving and understanding come to the family members of those giving life.

If you are at that stage in life and need assistance walking towards that goal please give Luis Tijerina a call or contact him via e-mail at the address listed on the Board Member page of this site.  You may be saving a life or several lives.

Donor Alliance Network/Support

Now that you have made the decision to become donors and you are ready to begin the process WEI can connect you with the proper authorities in this field.  WEI has worked in the past with the Donor Alliance based in Odessa and WEI will put you in contact with the local director and be there with you throughout the entire process.

After Donation Counseling/Support

Once the donation process is complete WEI will work with you and assist you in the after donation process of picking up the pieces of your life and planning the next step to your future.  It isn’t an easy thing to do but with the support of many such donors the burden is somewhat lightened.  Knowing that you are not alone and don’t have to be alone through this trying time in life is a blessing in itself.