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Director - Paul B. Ortega. Jr.

AKA: Searching Hawk

Paul is a sixty five (65) year old native of Odessa, Texas, although he lived away from Odessa while in a U.S. Military (Army) stint for nine (9) years.  During those nine (9) years of military service he traveled abroad to Germany before being honorably discharged and then spent time in other U.S. cities before returning back home to Odessa as he felt he had some unfinished business there.

He has searched for meaning in his life and says, " I woke up at the age of thirty four (34)." Meaning to say he woke up spiritually at that age.  Paul has been married four (4) times and feels that he gained much knowledge and insight into himself throughout those relationships.

Shortly before his sixty third (63) birthday he realized the purpose in his life and found peace in that fact at last.  Paul continues to grow and work on himself daily and is doing great work and in his own words, "Still on the Red Road."  

Paul proclaims himself to be a Writer, Artist, Story Teller, Gnostic, Dream Interpreter, Adviser and a Life Guide in every sense of the word.