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​​Colloidal Silver or Silver Suspension                                    (Back)

Colloidal silver is a commercially sold product that contains microscopic flakes of pure silver. Usually the flakes are suspended in demineralized water or another liquid. This form is marketed for oral use. Colloidal silver is often touted as an antibacterial agent and a topical wound dressing.

What is colloidal silver good for?

Colloidal silver is often touted as an antibacterial agent and a topical wound dressing. Some people claim it can cure a cold faster, heal the body better, and even treat cancer or HIV.

Is silver used for healing?

Some bandages use silver to help reduce wound bacteria count. Silver has been used for its antibacterial properties for thousands of years, yet in healing wounds, this element can also be strong enough to kill off the healthy surrounding tissues in the process.

Is silver safe?

Silver is considered to be safe by some when it is used in small doses for microbial purposes. Certain forms of silver can be harmful for human health, such as silver citrate, silver nitrate, mild silver protein and silver chloride.

Does colloidal silver really kill 650 different pathogens?

Colloidal Silver Kills 650 Different Infections In 72 Hours, Study Claims. Colloidal silver is said by some to be one of the most powerful agents of cure on earth. According to a study at UCLA Medical center in the 1980’s, colloidal silver was able to kill 650 various disease-related pathogens.

How does silver kill bacteria?

Bacteria. All bacteria use an enzyme as a form of ‘chemical lung’ in order to metabolize oxygen. Silver ions cripple the enzyme and stop the take up of oxygen. This effectively suffocates any bacteria, killing it within 6 minutes and leaving surrounding tissue or material unaffected.

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