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American Indian Ceremonies


In the Native American Indian circle there are several ceremonies that are inherent to the subject needing a change in the direction in which his life is currently moving.  Smudging or Cleansing is one such ceremony that has lasting effects on those that it is performed.  In many cases it is the
door opener to bigger and more powerful ceremonies that bring on that much desired life change.  Wafting sage smoke around the body, essentially your aura, takes away the negative energy and allows the positive energy to reach the subject.  Eagle wings and feathers are used in conjunction with the sage in order to take the negative energy and cast it away. 

Smudging ceremonies can be done almost anywhere and don’t require much time.  Sometimes people have their homes smudged because the energy in their homes has a negative feeling or they begin to feel as if their homes are being haunted by spirits.

There is usually no charge for the service of smudging, depending on distance, and then usually there is an agreement to have an honorarium or donation to the celebrant to establish the flow of good energies in the transaction.  Usually the amount given is left up to the recipient of the smudging or cleansing.


The Sacred Pipe or Ċanupa (pronounced chah noo pah) is used for prayer and asking for healing for an individual or oneself.  The Sacred Pipe was brought to the people by the White Buffalo Calf Maiden along with six other ceremonies.  This ceremony of the pipe is one that is most solemn and revered by the people.  It has a great many attributes that when smoked in the traditional way of the people will bring much peace of mind, heart and soul to the smoker. 

Normally the pipe ceremony is conducted after the sweat ceremony held on the first Saturday of every month (Unless Otherwise Specified) at the home of Chief Luis in Odessa, Texas.

Sweat/Purification (Suspended Temporarily)

Sweat ceremonies are held on the first Saturday of every month and at other times when requested or as required.  The sweat ceremony or Inipi as it is called in Lakota is good for detoxing the body in cases where it is desired to get a new fresh start in life.  Many times the Inipi or Purification Rite is held as a precursor to another ceremony such as the Vision Quest or Sundance Ceremony.  These ceremonies are held and given to the recipients without any cost or fee being charged.  It is a spiritual event and no money is to be exchanged however the work that one does within the confines of the lodge walls is payment enough.  It is gratifying to see the advancement of someone dealing with depression or post-traumatic stress and make a recovery to get back to a normal routine in life.

The Inipi may be an integral part of treatment being offered when dealing with addictions or other psychological disorders.  The Native American used the sweat lodge as a place that one could come to and make the re-connection to the Earth Mother and find his/her balance and way in life.


The Sundance Ceremony is a grueling four day event that is the culmination of a lifetime of preparation.  Much strength and life’s energy come from attending the Sundance and participating as a supporter as well as an active dancer.  Once committed to dance the dancer agrees to make a four year pledge to the Sundance.

More can be discussed about the Sundance as time goes on with treatment and dealing with planning for a solidly balanced future.


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