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Performing/Visual Arts


WWolf Enterprises, Inc. (WEI) has a staff of individuals that are poised and ready to assist with your musical interests.  Services starting with a simple lesson to assisting with the procuring an instrument(s) that you would need to put your band or orchestra together.

Individual lessons for your student or a group of students can be arranged.  Through the auspices of affiliate organizations your musical talents can be helped. Monies obtained through these affiliate agencies will require “Sweat Equity” on your part in return for the hand up in achieving your musical goals.


WWolf Enterprises, Inc. (WEI) also has a staff of Artist that can teach you or your student in the field of visual arts.  Whether painting with oils on canvas or with prisma colored pencils on paper or whatever medium you choose these artist instructors can assist you or your student in attaining a higher level of confidence when it comes to self-expression through the arts. These services are also on a “Sweat Equity” basis.


On many occasions it is clear that a person has a talent that is above and beyond the realm of normalcy but the individual or the parents/guardians thereof don’t know which way to turn to help the individual achieve their life’s dream of becoming an onstage performer.  WWolf Enterprises, Inc. is in business to assist those persons to achieve the dream.  WEI may not have the on-staff personnel to teach you the dance moves you desire to learn but WEI can help you by offering financial assistance for the dance lessons required.  As with any of the other services offered by WEI the rules are governed by the “Sweat Equity Rule.”


WWolf Enterprises, Inc. has on-staff personnel ready to assist you in creating your own designs in Native American Indian Arts, Crafts and Jewelry.  The affiliate will provide all of the necessary materials for your creative intellect to utilize in creating your very own designs.  Many people admire native style jewelry and aspire to become Silver Smiths but don’t know how to get into this field of artisans. WEI can show you the ropes and provide funding for your training and education in the rapidly dying out craft.


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